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Shell – The Perfect Drive

Category: Automotive, Branded Content

Client: Shell

Producer: Chimp TV

Being big Fomula 1 fans at Skyhook, we were extremely excited to be asked into this project by Chimp TV back in summer ’18.

Sebastian Vettel had won the British Grand Prix the day before, and here we were with Richard Hammond and James May at a Shell petrol station just down the road from Silverstone.

Whilst arguing over which car is better, they meet Seb ‘by chance’, and get him to vote on which of their cars is his favourite. May’s Ferrari 458 Speciale, or Hammond’s Opel Kadett ‘Oliver’ which he used to drive 1000 miles across the spine of Africa in a Top Gear special.

Of course Seb went with the Red car, so we spent the afternoon chasing a Ferrari up and down Northampton country roads, driven by one of the most successful drivers in F1 history. Not a bad day!

Drone shots with fast cars need to be well planned, as even in Sport Mode, the Inspire 2’s 58 mph is pretty puny when up against a limited edition Ferrari!