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Sacrilege (2020)

Category: Film

Director: David Creed

Producer: Bad Blood Films

Here’s a spooky project that we worked on: Bad Blood Films’ Sacrilege (2020) directed by David Creed. The beautifully scenic locations we were filming at, were at a contrast to the horrific occurrences which took place in the story after dark…

We were most chuffed to see that we got the opening shot in the film – a long, slow developing shot which started at water level in a lake, skimmed the top of a few pine trees, and ended high a wide looking across the vast wooded expanses of the Forest of Dean. Most enjoyable to see this on the big screen at the film’s premiere in Leicester Square! I did look swish in my black tie, I must say.

Plus, we even got mentioned in a review by Screen Rant;

Sacrilege opens with stunning aerial shots of dense foliage, setting the tone with the aid of its beautiful rural setting and atmospheric soundscape.”