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TV Commercial: Halfords

Category: TV Commercial

Client: Halfords

Producer: Mother London

Skyhook were commissioned by Mother London advertising agency to lift this model ‘diorama’ roadside advert board for which would be flown through the countryside beneath Moviehook, our largest octocopter. We worked alongside VFX specialists Asylum who built the model, and we conducted tests at their HQ in Wimbledon.

With gimbals designed to lift only cameras, successfully flying this oddly-shaped custom payload with a camera also attached, was quite a challenge. The flat area of ‘grass’ on the model acted as a sail underneath the force of the propellers which unbalanced the model, so the whole thing had to be offset in order to be balanced whilst flying. It was a long process of measured trial and error. Come the day of the shoot everything worked as planned, and the weather was kind to us as well!