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Expeditors – Bristol Facility

Category: Corporate, FPV

Client: Expeditors

Producer: Skyhook

Our day at the new Expeditors’ new Bristol base (a large haulage & logistics facility in Avonmouth) involved an early start, using the the DJI Inspire 2 for wide shots to show the building in its surrounds, and its proximity to the M5.

After this was the main component of the day – piloting the FPV drone to create a ‘one-shot’ tour of interior of the whole building.

This involves working out the best route to show off the key parts of the building, and then bringing in human interactions to make the video more engaging. Then – repeat until everyone is happy!

With FPV one-shots, multiple key moments all have to go correctly for the shot to work, whether that’s flying through a door at the correct height, manoeuvring up a spiral staircase smoothly, or having your actors perform their action at the right time. As there is no ‘edit point’ to cut away to a different shot, 10 or more takes is not unusual!

Though the weather that day was grey and miserable, we still managed to make our footage look engaging (a good colour grade really helps here), and showed off the building in its best light. 

We produced the edit for this piece, including motion graphics and an animated map showing the site’s location in a national context.

The client was very happy, and we’ve since had calls from other similar businesses in Avonmouth, having been passed our number by the Expeditors team. Thanks guys!