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Dunhill – Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Client: Dunhill

Producer: Ground Work Productions

In this launch for historic luxury clothing brand Dunhill, Skyhook was asked to shoot in a particular way—to provide a blurred motion look in keeping with the theme of ‘In Movement’.

This blurred effect can’t be created with our usual video-specific drone cameras (we won’t bore you with the details why), so we had to bring out our ALTA 6 hexacopter drone, to which we can attach any DSLR or full-frame mirrorless camera to the gimbal.

The project’s DoP provided the Sony FX3 camera, which we fitted and set up on arrival. The output and ‘amount of blur’ from our camera had to match that of the main camera, which took a little refinement.

We were filming at a prime location in Woolwich, which was an important maritime, military and industrial centre between the 16th & 20th centuries.

Our shots provided the top-and-tail of this film which is on the Dunhill website.

The custom drone setup proved to be an interesting creative challenge and something a little different! Thanks to Mike Foyle for providing the parts needed to send the video feed. Nice one Mike!

Link to Dunhill web page: