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Build digital twins, 3D point clouds and more

Deliverables perfectly matched to your client’s needs

Asset inspection. Measured building surveys. Topography, site mapping and getting the literal lay of the land. Gathering the data you need for Revit, AutoCAD and other 3D-modelling and BIM software.

Skyhook’s drone photogrammetry – the process of obtaining measurements from 2D photographs – has a huge number of applications.

We’re trusted by experts in industries as diverse as architecture, civil engineering, site planning, surveying and facilities management when they need to know the data they’re getting is dependable.

Because anyone with a drone and some low-level software can create a dataset, of a kind. But only with our experienced, fully insured operators and proven data gathering workflows will you get the actionable, reliable results and measurements you need. We help you:

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Create deliverables for every purpose

Get the deliverables you need more quickly, cohesively and cost-effectively than via methods like total station.

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Capture every element

Our workflow of ground and UAV photogrammetry captures every part of a building as well as its surroundings. No need to go back for a repeat visit to get a certain measurement. You get everything the first time.

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Get high-density data

Our skilled drone pilots use efficient capture plans to gather the actionable data points you need for Building Information Modelling (BIM) software and much more besides.

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What UAV photogrammetry can do for you

Using the photogrammetry process, we can produce a number of different outputs matched to your project and requirements. These outputs are suitable for a wide array of purposes, including:

A drone operator and Thames Oilport employee wear safety vests and hard hats as they supervise a drone flying above the refinery complex

Asset inspection

Asset inspection used to be time-consuming and put people in risky scenarios. Using a drone to capture building data means the inspection of structures, factory equipment, chimneys and storage tanks just got much safer and easier.

A man points at his laptop showing a Scopito pinpoint map system

Remedial inspection

Quickly spot flaws and issues in any kind of structure or asset. Missing tiles. Corrosion. Vegetation. This lets you prioritise your skilled labour resources. So your expert team spends their time on actionable jobs rather than inspection work.

A detailed schematic of a building to provide accurate measurements that Skyhook can use to provide as much detail as possible

Building scaffolding design

Our line drawings and 3D models enable scaffolding contractors to know what they need for a building before they arrive on site. This means more efficient processes, reduced scaffolding costs, less time on-site and reduced disruption for your team and customers.

A portion of an orthomosaic of Thames Oilport that highlights in blue volumes of dirt from construction

Volumetric measurement

UAV photogrammetry offers fast and precise volumetric measurements for site stockpiles. Quickly find the resources required to move material stockpiles around and understand how much longer your stockpile will last. Our data analysis streamlines your site management.

Thames Oilport Orthomosaic

Orthomosaics and photo mapping

Like Google Maps but much higher resolution and date-specific, orthomosaics let you monitor the progress of a construction project, comparing changes on a monthly or weekly basis. Zoom in to see high detail and explore developments in ‘real time’.

A look at how 3D pointcloud models look when they are created through hundreds of images from a drone

Drone data for Revit

Get all of the highly accurate building data you need for Autodesk Revit and other BIM software. Never get caught short by substandard measurements again.

A topographical 3D render

Topographic mapping and Digital Elevation Models

Get data for earthworks cut and full calculations, land levelling, elevations and site boundaries. See the actual lay of the land in quarries, landfills and construction sites. Drone mapping takes much less time than “feet on the ground” data capture methods. Yet we provide a much richer dataset.

Increasing the accuracy of your data

We use systems such as Real Time Kinematics (RTK), Ground Control Points (GCPs) or Post Processing Kinematics (PPK) to bring your dataset up to an extremely high level of absolute accuracy. You can get a fully detailed free example of one of these datasets here:

Not sure if your project would be better with a drone? Call us on 02032 872 344 to discuss it

A 3D model of a heritage building created from the images taken from a Skyhook drone

Drone photogrammetry or laser scanning?

The choice for projects like this often comes down to using a drone for photogrammetry or terrestrial laser scanning.

Both have their advantages. A drone will be your best choice when you need to:

A 3D model of housing created by images taken from a Skyhook drone

Capture data from difficult places

A drone gives you access when you need to collect data from hard to reach locations. This might mean rooftops, or when facing obstructions which a ground-based laser scanner can’t handle.

A drone operator in a safety vest and hard hat watches the DJI Inspire 1 take off in an empty pavement sapce next to the Thames Oilport complex

Cover a lot of ground

When you have a large area to cover (perhaps 50 hectares or more), a drone is always going to be the solution. Ground laser scanning might take weeks. A drone can do it in a day.

A 3D model of two connected buildings created by the images taken by a Skyhook drone

Create powerful combined datasets

Laser scanning can create highly accurate line drawings. Drone photogrammetry gives you better access and lets you see surface texture. Why not combine both methods to get a 3D point cloud or textured mesh which is both highly accurate and photorealistic?

Professional pilots. Quality Datasets.

Free cloud-based processing systems have been boasting about the point clouds and building models they can produce for years. But the value of any output is only as good as the data fed into it.

There’s a lot of software out there. Yet much of it sacrifices quality in the name of user-friendliness. This consumer-level software generally produces a sub-standard dataset.

As one of the UK’s longest-running drone operators – Civil Aviation Authority permission no. 0235 out of what is now nearly 12,000 operators – Skyhook’s experience and technology enable you to:

A 3D model of a heritage building marked by pins all over the model. All created from the images of a Skyhook drone

Rely on experienced operators

Our experience with drone equipment and flight planning workflow combine with our ground capture methods to ensure we deliver the high-quality dataset which will work for you.

A 3D model of a white and blue conjoined building created by multiple images taken by a Skyhook drone

Meet your requirements

We’re used to meeting sky-high demands for accuracy and resolution as well as other specific requirements you might have.

An orthomosaic of a large grey roofed building taken by a Skyhook drone

Get the output you need

Using the high-quality data we provide, you will be able to create precise 3D point clouds, Digital Elevation Models, line drawings and complete digital twins. Whatever you or your client need.

Explore the results you could be getting

Most of our work is protected under our clients’ Non-Disclosure Agreements.

But if you’d like to be sent a sample of our latest 3D point clouds and 2D measured building surveys, select what you’d like here.

You can also call us on 02032 872 344. Two minutes is all it takes to learn more.

Ed Vereker
Surveyor - Savills Commercial Ltd.

We used Skyhook to inspect several large light industrial unit roofs as part of a dilapidations survey. Viewing on a dedicated monitor we were able to clearly view the roofs and rainwater goods for defects and collect the relevant data required for the schedule. Had we used a cherry picker for the inspection, it would have taken four times longer than using the drone.

Dimitar Simitchiyski
Technical Manager - Jessella Ltd

“Skyhook were appointed to undertake a measured digital survey of two large cladding remediation projects. Access, time and technological constraints made other methods of measurement unfeasible; Skyhook’s knowledge of drone technology and experience in ensuring health and safety empowered coordination during a period of remote working. Skyhook’s team were reliable and transparent, at every stage of the process.”

Robin Goodlet
Development & Planning Director - Eco World International

Skyhook impressed with their thorough approach to the challenges of UAV flights at our Battersea site. Whilst on site they operated in a safe and responsible manner, managing risk by ensuring that crane operators and other traffic were aware of their movements. The end product was of high quality, and our management team in Kuala Lumpur received the files before the end of the day.

Ken Hilaire
Thames Oilport

The quality and value of Skyhook’s work went beyond all my expectations. Despite our strict health & safety requirements and the poor weather conditions, they still managed to carry out the brief. Very much customer focused with on time delivery. I’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking aerial mapping and inspection services.

John Wallis
Wallis Conservation

Hiring Skyhook was far more cost effective than using a crane or cherry picker. The images allowed us to zoom in and assess damage to determine the required repairs. This cut the survey process from 3-4 days down to 6hrs. We will certainly use their services again.

Dr. Michael Parmar
Dharart Ltd.

We had to survey a large warehouse roof and guttering detail where crane access was difficult to organize and wouldn’t provide visuals of the entire roof. Skyhook’s service using a drone provided fantastically clear, stable, high-resolution imagery of the necessary detail we were after, took a fraction of the time to complete at a fraction of the cost. I don’t see us ever using a hoist to survey a roof again.