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Reduce the time and cost of confined space inspection and reduce the risk to your team

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Confined space drone inspection

Get actionable data quickly

Chimneys and flues. Boilers and pressure vessels. Roof voids. Unsafe buildings and urban search and rescue.

Using a drone for confined space inspection is faster, safer and more cost-effective than a manual inspection.

You get full visual access to highly complex or hazardous spaces. Ideal when eyes-on human inspection would be expensive, risky or time-consuming.

Instead of facing asset downtime and placing your team in a dangerous environment, a UAV survey lets you:

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Make quick, well-informed decisions

Get the data you need to make decisions about your asset in a matter of hours. It’s the most efficient way to manage any one-off as well as periodic inspections you need to make.

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Reduce costs, time and paperwork

Say goodbye to long risk assessments, and the costs and health and safety issues involved in getting a human into a potentially dangerous space.

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Keep your team safe

There’s no more need to send anyone into unsafe or confined spaces for that key initial inspection. Our professional drone pilots help you reduce your site’s risk profile.

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What a drone survey or inspection can do for you

A view from the Elios Inspection drone of a long bricked chimney

Chimney inspection

The combination of height and confined space makes using a drone for a flue or chimney inspection the ideal choice. Our specially-equipped drone can travel beyond line of sight and maintain signal several walls away.

A row of several metal boilers that require a condition report

Pressure vessel and boiler inspection

Using a drone for pressure vessel or boiler inspections allows flaws to be spotted and tracked early. Make your regular safety checks of all kinds of industrial vessels fast and easy.

Inside a large attic built of wood as the condition of the building is inspected

Roof void inspection

Using a drone for roof void inspection means you can avoid entry into the roof space and any attendant Working at Height dangers or preparation work.

An opened hole to a red oil tank that needs an inspection

Sewerage and tank inspection

Regular inspections for storage tanks and sewerage systems – which tend to have long design lives – can be performed safely and easily by drone. Reduce the workload and risk of inspecting culverts, pipework, wet wells and more.

A large red-bricked building is deemed unsafe and requires a drone structural report and condition survey

Unsafe building inspection

Ideal for loss adjusters investigating insurance claims as well as fire and water damage assessment, using a drone inside structures which may be unsafe or at risk of collapse removes the danger of placing people in an unknown environment.

A view from the Elios Inspection drone from behind its safeguard cage of a bricked room with a ladder leading out

Urban search and rescue

In an emergency – when there are time constraints as well as safety concerns – a drone gives you visual access to burning or flooding buildings and other dangerous urban environments with incredible speed. Thermal cameras and onboard lighting let you see in all light conditions.

Match the deliverable to your needs

We can provide the deliverables that you or your client require. You might need:

Three crew members review the footage on a laptop of the roof inspection taken by the DJI Inspire 1 of the Chateau Impney hotel

High definition video of your asset

Everything you need to compile your own structural report, with “points of interest” marked on the video for easy reference.

A person wearing a watch reads through a condition report on their laptop

A full structural report

Compiled and delivered by our own structural engineers.

Professional pilots. Actionable deliverables.

Skyhook is one of the UK’s longest-running drone operators. As Civil Aviation Authority permission no. 0235 out of what is now nearly 12,000 operators, we’ve been operating successfully for over eight years.

With a catalogue of professional work stretching from Panama to Lapland as well as much closer to our Bristol headquarters and across the UK, we’re used by businesses in every industry when they need:

A drone operator prepares the Elios Inspection drone with a safeguard cage for a flight into a pipe by holiding it underneath the entrance

The right technology

We use an Elios collision-tolerant drone. It’s designed to go where people and even other drones can’t. With a high definition camera, thermal sensor and onboard lighting, it can operate even in complete darkness.

Thames Oilport - Chris Bates and two men in safety wear and hardhats watching aerial footage at Thames Oilport

The right team

Highly skilled and experienced pilots are the difference between stable, meaningful output and data which can’t be used.

The DJI Inspire 1 flies over the industrial refinery at Thames Oilport

The right risks managed

Thanks to extensive experience operating UAVs in all conditions, we know how to work with your team to ensure smooth, safe operations.

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Ed Vereker
Surveyor - Savills Commercial Ltd.

We used Skyhook to inspect several large light industrial unit roofs as part of a dilapidations survey. Viewing on a dedicated monitor we were able to clearly view the roofs and rainwater goods for defects and collect the relevant data required for the schedule. Had we used a cherry picker for the inspection, it would have taken four times longer than using the drone.

Dimitar Simitchiyski
Technical Manager - Jessella Ltd

“Skyhook were appointed to undertake a measured digital survey of two large cladding remediation projects. Access, time and technological constraints made other methods of measurement unfeasible; Skyhook’s knowledge of drone technology and experience in ensuring health and safety empowered coordination during a period of remote working. Skyhook’s team were reliable and transparent, at every stage of the process.”

Robin Goodlet
Development & Planning Director - Eco World International

Skyhook impressed with their thorough approach to the challenges of UAV flights at our Battersea site. Whilst on site they operated in a safe and responsible manner, managing risk by ensuring that crane operators and other traffic were aware of their movements. The end product was of high quality, and our management team in Kuala Lumpur received the files before the end of the day.

Ken Hilaire
Thames Oilport

The quality and value of Skyhook’s work went beyond all my expectations. Despite our strict health & safety requirements and the poor weather conditions, they still managed to carry out the brief. Very much customer focused with on time delivery. I’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking aerial mapping and inspection services.

John Wallis
Wallis Conservation

Hiring Skyhook was far more cost effective than using a crane or cherry picker. The images allowed us to zoom in and assess damage to determine the required repairs. This cut the survey process from 3-4 days down to 6hrs. We will certainly use their services again.

Dr. Michael Parmar
Dharart Ltd.

We had to survey a large warehouse roof and guttering detail where crane access was difficult to organize and wouldn’t provide visuals of the entire roof. Skyhook’s service using a drone provided fantastically clear, stable, high-resolution imagery of the necessary detail we were after, took a fraction of the time to complete at a fraction of the cost. I don’t see us ever using a hoist to survey a roof again.