We gather high density, actionable data for all industries – faster, safer and cheaper.

Today, construction projects and maintenance schedules are under constant pressure to reduce costs and build on efficiency. Luckily, modern technology can step in and help to protect the bottom line. Skyhook has responded to a gap in the market, offering data-rich drone services which benefit our clients, allowing them to make effective decisions quicker, and with more accurate information.

We provide numerous outputs, so for clarity you will find our services laid out into three distinct phases that we commonly find among our projects.

We’re always working on new ways to apply our technology, so if you have a specific requirement, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Design & Planning
The work involved in the design of a building or site, and the surveying required on the piece of land or existing buildings in question.
Development & Monitoring
Observing the progress of a project as it moves through each phase, in order to maximise site efficiency and stakeholder engagement.
Maintenance & Inspection
Providing ongoing preventative or corrective inspection to plant and buildings, in order to monitor and enhance their operational lifespans.
Any project can make use of any number of deliverables. You can choose only the outputs you need, ensuring a cost-effective approach.

Design & Planning

A Skyhook drone flying over the Thames Oilport refinery

Whether supporting a planning application or surveying a piece of land prior to development, an aerial survey provides a new perspective on spatial layout and landscape conditions. It will cover a much larger area of ground per day than surveying methods on foot, and turn the information around quickly in an easily communicable format. The resulting dataset of topography and existing buildings can be easily integrated into architects’ existing workflows – GIS programs or CAD software such as the Autodesk suite.



More ground covered per hour by drone than by surveyor on foot.


Per day, a drone crew and equipment is cheaper than a ground-based surveyor or a Total Station.


More Detail

Ground survey provides hundreds of points of resolution. The overhead imagery of a drone survey generates millions of points.


Development & Monitoring

The ability of Skyhook’s equipment to map a construction site in a repeatable manner will put actionable data in the hands of key decision makers. This leads to increased efficiency and a better-informed workforce as the project progresses, and allows architects, engineers and project managers to make quick, informed decisions further down the line.

On project completion, access to this data will facilitate in the handover from the project team to those dealing with the site’s ongoing business.

Minimal Disruption

Small teams and airborne equipment place much less dependence on existing site personnel.


Clearer Comms

Easily digestible outputs result in a well-informed team.


Safe & Efficient

Minimal crew required, no rope access or personnel working at height. Removes the time-costly need for stakeholders to physically visit the site.


Maintenance & Inspection

A bigger image of a 3D point cloud of a field of a building with housing in the background

Working alongside the ongoing day-to-day business of the site, including legal obligation asset inspections, insurance claims and emergency inspections.
Using Skyhook for inspection of buildings and operational plant brings improvements in cost, safety and access compared to conventional inspection methods. Without the need to bring in cherry pickers or set up scaffolding, there’s minimal disruption to ‘business as usual’.

A drone as an inspection tool allows for plant to continue to operate, in contrast to manned inspection which involves the costs of taking equipment off-line, and the risks of personnel working at height or in confined spaces.

No Interruptions

Flying inspection tools allow for ongoing business to continue unhindered.


Minimise Plant Downtime

Plant can continue to operate whilst being inspected by drone.


Improve Access & Safety

Drones working at height or in confined spaces reduces the risk, time and cost of putting personnel in dangerous situations.



Each of the three project phases can make use of any number of these outputs, depending on what is required. This allows you to choose only the deliverables your project requires, ensuring a cost-effective approach. If you have any questions on these outputs or would like to discuss your specific requirements, please give us a call.

Condition Report Icon light blue square and white symbol


We’ve partnered with an experienced roofing surveyor, enabling us to display our inspection findings in a comprehensive document. Using text and annotated images, reports give observations and repair recommendations based on urgency. Instead of a folder of digital images as a deliverable, we’ve created a genuine turn-key solution which the client can use to tender work out to maintenance contractors.

Request an Example (PDF)

Point Cloud Icon light blue square and white symbol


Point clouds consist of millions of points in 3D space to show the external shape of an object. They are used in CAD software by designers and architects for ongoing work, and for BIM projects.

3D Models Icon light blue square and white symbol


Point cloud with a textured mesh laid on top to give an accurate, photorealistic appearance of the building or asset. A great tool for management meetings, they also allow asset inspection by stakeholders without the need for time-costly site visits.

Photo Icon light blue square and white symbol


High resolution still images, up to 42 megapixels. They can be used for both inspection and promotional purposes. Photos are also the starting point for many other outputs such as 3D models, photo maps and volumetric analysis. Digital video, up to 5k resolution, can be the best way to inspect certain elevated or unreachable points of interest. Also great for promotional use.

Photo Map Icon light blue square and white symbol


An orthomosaic is a highly detailed, date specific satellite view. By stitching thousands of images, the map gives a ‘real time’ overview of the whole site, and the ability to zoom in to details to a resolution up to 10mm. A great way to monitor the progress of a construction project, comparing change over a monthly or weekly basis.

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Topographical Mapping Icon light blue square and white symbol


Topographical map using a colour scale to represent elevation change over an area of land. This method of mapping is ideal for use in construction site planning, earthworks, or the ongoing inspection of assets such as quarries or open cast mines.

Thermal Imaging Icon light blue square and white symbol


Thermal images and video can be used to spot cracks in buildings, find sources of heat loss, or identify electrical faults such as damaged cells in solar panels.

Analysis Tool Icon light blue square and white symbol


A selection of tools to annotate, measure or make volumetric calculations to quantify the metrics of land or mass, e.g. the length of a wall, area of construction site, or the volume of a stockpile of gravel or remaining assets of a quarry.

Map Pointer Icon light blue square and white symbol


Ground control points are physical markers placed on the ground which can be seen in images captured by the drone. The position of each of these ‘targets’ is marked with actual GPS coordinates. Their logged ‘XYZ’ positions help the mapping software to accurately position the map or model in relation to the real world around it.

Ed Vereker
Surveyor - Savills Commercial Ltd.

We used Skyhook to inspect several large light industrial unit roofs as part of a dilapidations survey. Viewing on a dedicated monitor we were able to clearly view the roofs and rainwater goods for defects and collect the relevant data required for the schedule. Had we used a cherry picker for the inspection, it would have taken four times longer than using the drone.

Dimitar Simitchiyski
Technical Manager - Jessella Ltd

“Skyhook were appointed to undertake a measured digital survey of two large cladding remediation projects. Access, time and technological constraints made other methods of measurement unfeasible; Skyhook’s knowledge of drone technology and experience in ensuring health and safety empowered coordination during a period of remote working. Skyhook’s team were reliable and transparent, at every stage of the process.”

Robin Goodlet
Development & Planning Director - Eco World International

Skyhook impressed with their thorough approach to the challenges of UAV flights at our Battersea site. Whilst on site they operated in a safe and responsible manner, managing risk by ensuring that crane operators and other traffic were aware of their movements. The end product was of high quality, and our management team in Kuala Lumpur received the files before the end of the day.

Ken Hilaire
Thames Oilport

The quality and value of Skyhook’s work went beyond all my expectations. Despite our strict health & safety requirements and the poor weather conditions, they still managed to carry out the brief. Very much customer focused with on time delivery. I’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking aerial mapping and inspection services.

John Wallis
Wallis Conservation

Hiring Skyhook was far more cost effective than using a crane or cherry picker. The images allowed us to zoom in and assess damage to determine the required repairs. This cut the survey process from 3-4 days down to 6hrs. We will certainly use their services again.

Dr. Michael Parmar
Dharart Ltd.

We had to survey a large warehouse roof and guttering detail where crane access was difficult to organize and wouldn’t provide visuals of the entire roof. Skyhook’s service using a drone provided fantastically clear, stable, high-resolution imagery of the necessary detail we were after, took a fraction of the time to complete at a fraction of the cost. I don’t see us ever using a hoist to survey a roof again.