Construction Survey

Skyhook offers an aerial construction survey capability allowing for a construction site of any size to be accurately imaged and 3D-modelled, without the expense of a full-sized aircraft.

Our UAVs can cover large areas in short spaces of time, generating orthographic maps to a high level of detail. These can be produced periodically, enabling the site’s progress to be monitored as it develops.

All of the processes are low-impact and our presence is non-intrusive, so work can continue on the ground as normal.

If required, the 3D modelling option allows for certain areas to be reviewed and analysed from any angle, either for PR purposes, or as a communication tool in management meetings.
These 3D models can also then be converted for use within CAD packages.

Our survey capability gives more control and flexibility than other options, as the Skyhook pilot can work together with the surveyor, who can see the imagery live on-screen as it is captured.

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  • Skyhook drone survey crossrail london
    Flying at Crossrail work site, Bond Street London

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