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Meet MovieHook:
our heavy-lift aerial rig.

At Skyhook we’re about more than new gizmos, and shots from way up in the air.

Using our breadth of experience from the worlds of film production and radio-controlled aviation, we can free the camera from its conventional limitations, to offer shots to our clients from angles that before were simply not possible – with no compromise on quality.

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We all know that time equals money, especially on set.

Our small team and lightweight equipment means we can be airborne within 30 minutes of arrival, while jibs and cable-cam rigs require lengthy preparation and crew-heavy setup times between shots.

Rarely does a shoot solution add considerable production value, cost less and save time, but this is what we are all about.  Consequently we are able to offer much more from a daily rate than the conventional grip options.

We work with today’s top-end digital cinema cameras.

Such as the RED Epic, Blackmagic and Canon C500 – so your images will be the best that current technology can provide.

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Whether you are directing a high-octane action feature, capturing a major sporting event, or you want to promote your new product in jaw-dropping style, bring us on board to support your vision, and stretch the boundaries of achievable.

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